Only Women Slut-shame Girls.

The Christian objectification of girls to keep them from distracting male slaves.

The Christian objectification of girls for sale.

FTB’s Taslima Nasreen quoted an exceptionally insightful article written by a Pakistani journalist who has a rare set of eyes capable of perceiving the reality this world is blind to. I’m stunned the article was published but perhaps the editors of didn’t realise what was being said either.

Every person who scorns at a girl for not catering to their definition of decency is a rape accomplice. Anyone who is a flag-bearer of double standards of modesty for men and women is a rape accomplice. Everyone who teaches women to be ashamed of their bodies is a rape accomplice. And if your respect for a woman is dependent on how well covered her body is, then you sir/ma’am, are a rape accomplice as well.

That’s true, true, true, true (with perhaps only one negligible exception; nudists who criticise girls for not catering to their definition of decency are off the hook). But this is a rare assault on mothers who perpetuate all the bullshit and misery, intentionally.

This article is spot on. He’s correctly blaming mothers for rape and holding everyone else responsible for not realising it.

Mothers are responsible for all rape and they aren’t remotely concerned; women aren’t confused by their Rape Culture. Only mothers can create culture, they’re aware of this. Women spend a great deal of time contriving ways to induce the desire to rape; they’re not remotely confused about why men rape them.

Mothers are responsible for everything negative and positive that presents in the humans that are given to mothers in pristine condition as blank slates. Only mothers can perpetuate religious, cultural and societal values; no one else has first access rights so everything is either to their credit or to their blame.

Why can’t this world see what mothers are doing? One imagines it’s to their blame.

“Love blinds, but in a good way.”
– predatory women